We are moving towards Web 3.0, a semantic website focused on understanding and analysing user data to become a connected, open website adapted to our visitors. 

Socialasturias transformation 

Digital transformation should benefit the Asturian social services system as a whole, as well as the citizens who receive services and resources. To this end, we must promote digital solutions that put people at the heart of the process. 

This transformation requires a major effort to interact with citizens, professionals and organisations by improving website usability, offering value and working on e-inclusion. 


  • Person-centred website 
  • Improved accessibility 
  • Clear communications 
  • Provide professionals with support tools 
  • Encourage participation 



Main new features 

  • Your rights: a section that offers services and tools to allow all citizens to assert their rights.
  • Description and organisation of services and benefits: a total of 61 services and benefits are explained in standardised files, which in addition to describing them, link to the relevant procedure in the electronic office, to the search engine, Observass data, regulations, sources of information.... 
  • Improved resource finder: 1106 resources with contact and geolocation information. The following data are provided for residential centres: registration number and number of places. In the case of private residential centres, the number of places and the average price. 
  • Virtual notice board: we post information of interest to citizens, professionals and organisations. 
  • Best practices: to learn about, collect and disseminate projects or work carried out in the field of social services. We encourage you to submit your best practices. 



  • Socialasturias Think Tank: a space dedicated to stimulating exchanges and generating creative and practical solutions to share strategic knowledge and promote the design of new services, methodologies and intervention tools. 
  • Help us improve: we would like your opinion about the Socialasturias portal. 

Evolution of the website Socialasturias

Thematic website of the Ministry of Social Rights and Welfare of the Principality of Asturias. The website is managed by the Social Services Documentation Center (CDSSA), ensuring the reliability and quality of the contents.

An updated and improved 3.0 version aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. A universal, accessible, and user-friendly website with a more visual design and adaptability to different devices.

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